Vestige Verdant Rare Oil Blend Loosimise võitja

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Vestige Verdant Rare Oil Blend näoõli võitja on Kaisa Kotter!! Palju palju õnne :) Võtan Sinuga peagi ühendust. Loosimisi on veel tulemas :) Jõuluaeg ju vaikselt lähenemas. xx
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Hey lovely people!

In this video you are going to hear my quick thoughts / reviews of the make-up items I used to achieve that make-up look. If you have any questions then, please, let me know :) Have a great week!

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NEW IN | Chanel, Dior, Guerlain

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 Dior NUDE BB Créme 
Chanel Rouge Allure lip gloss #51
Guerlain Météorites powder

Has anyone tried any of those? I got the chance to pick out some luxury make-up items from and I'm super grateful! These items have been in my secret wishlist for a long time. Especially Guerlain's powder pearls.

So far I've only tried Dior NUDE BB Crémé and it was an instant LOVE! It's like second skin. I will tell you more about these products next week. But first I have to test them for few days :)
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Hair Care Routine 21.11

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Hei-hei, toredad inimesed! Siin on ülevaade minu praegusest juuksehooldusrutiinist. Selle keskmeks on täiesti uue koostisega Davines MINU juuksehooldussari.

Mõned märksõnad: Taimne koostis, kõrge biolagunevate koostisosade sisaldusega, tänu millele on keskkonnasäästlik. Sobib veganitele. Sulfaatide, parabeenide ning kunstlike värvainete vaba.

Kuna mulle need tooted nii väga meeldivad, siis Davines oli nõus kinkima ühele teist MINU travel-size komplekti. Et loosimises osaleda: kirjuta kommentaaridesse oma lemmik juuksehoolustoode ning e-mail :)

Pean selle ka ära mainima, et täna on maas esimene lumi :D! Pärnus on seda päris palju. Lähen kohe varsti miskit hästi lõhnavat küünalt ostma, et sukelduda vaikselt jõulumeeleollu :D

Hey there, lovely people! Here's an overview of my current hair care routine. If there are any questions then let me know in the comments :) xx
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The Whisper Challenge in Estonian

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See video on filmitud päris ammu. Iti tuli mulle külla, kui olin tugeva allergiaga(?) kodus. Meil sai selle video tegemise ajal väga palju nalja ning hoiatan kohe ära, et mu naer on üsna intensiivne :D Aga tõesti, mul olid vahel naermisest pisarad silmas. Loodan, et see Challenge teeb ka teie tuju rõõmsamaks :) 

Mul on ette filmitud 3 iluteemalist videot ning laen tulevastel päevadel kaks üles. Üks video, mille juba ära monteerisin, crashis ning projekti olin ka automaatselt ära kustutanud.. Seega pean nullist alustama : ) Cheers! xx
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Coat: Hennes, White long shirt: BikBok, Bok, Watch: Daniel Wellington

This outfit is solely about the gem I found from a thrift store (Paavli kaltsukas) for 20€. At first I didn't know whether to buy the coat or not because it was quite expensive for a thrifted item. I decided to try it on and fell in love! The feel of the material, the classic cut and dark grey tone won me over. At home I discovered that it had been made by Hennes ( H&M - Hennes&Mauritz ), specially for H&M. It's a wool and cashmere blend, a luxurious quality, it says. I am truly happy that I found it even though I have to wait for spring to wear it.
NB! Ma panin just blogi Facebook'i lehel käima loosimise, mille auhinnaks on uus Vestige Verdant luksuslik Rare Oil Blend näoõli :) Pildi leiab SIIT!
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I almost managed to upload a new video to Youtube but for some reason it failed. I will try to do that again :) Anyway, while the video was uploading for the first time, I ended up looking at my old Facebook photos. OHMY, me as a blonde?!! I actually don't even remember that time :D Do you? I have some pictures to freshen up your memory.
 At Erki Moeshow. First two photos: Anete Palmik. May 21, 2013
 This was taken for one Maybelline AD in Cosmopolitan. Photo: Riina Varol. April 2, 2013
I look so pure and simple and classy. This was taken in 2012 when I  first noticed that short hair might suit me but had no courage to chop them babies off :D June 5, 2012
Here I was with Maybelline again and we were filming videos in Lithuania. I will never forget this amazing opportunity! I felt like a business woman flying to Lithuania for only some hours to do my job and get back home by nighttime. June 4, 2013
I don't know how it's possible but I still love this picture. I guess there's something special about it for me :) September 5, 2012

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