Külastus Eesti Veeniravi Kliinikusse

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Kuskil viimase kahe aasta jooksul on mu jalgadele tekkinud veenilaiendid ning kahjuks ma ei tea siiani kindlat põhjust. Hetkel saan ainult oletada, et see võib tulla näiteks nõrgast sidekoest, mis sünniga kaasa tuli. Kuna suvel kannan lühemaid seelikuid ja pükse tihedamini kui külmal ajal, siis tekkis huvi täpsemalt uurida. Minu õnneks sain teada, et olukord ei ole midagi tõsist ja raviga saaks alustada juba sügise algusest. Kindlasti soovitan minna konsultatsiooni ja ultraheliuuringusse, sest kuangi ei tea, mis staadiumis jalgade veenihaigus võib olla. Mitmetel inimestel on esile tulnud vajalikkus minna edasistele uuringutele, et tegeleda tõelise põhjusega, mis veenilaiendeid tekitab.

On olemas kolme liiki jalgade veenihaiguseid: kapillaarsed veenilaiendid, pindmiste või nahaaluste veenide laiendid ning süvaveenide puudulikkus. Veenihaiguseid jaotatakse erinevate avaldumisvormide järgi:
  • Jalgade väsimus
  • Kapillaarsed veenilaiendid
  • Varikoos
  • Turse
  • Pigmentatsioon
  • Troofilised haavandid
  • Vanus
  • Pärilikkus
  • Ülekaal
  • Rasedus
  • Hormonaalsed preparaadid
  • Ebatervislikud eluviisid
  • Tervistkahjustav töö
  • Kõrgete kontsade pikaaegne kandmine
  • Kuumus ja füüsiline töö
Veenide ravi meetodid
  • Skleroteraapia
  • Laserravi
  • Raadiosageduslik kirurgia
  • Veenide sulgemine spetsiaalse liimiga
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I finally got the all black cap I was looking for! And it happened very unexpectedly. One day when we were heading to the Coney Island beach we stopped by a random clothing store on the way there because it looked interesting. I stepped in, looked around and there it was! Also 10 bucks cheaper than in Manhattan for example :)

Shirt dress - thrifted ( Buffalo Exchange ), Denim Shorts - Levi's ( thrifted ),  Sneakers - Nike ( Viru store ), Cap - '47 Brand, Watch - Triwa 

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iHerb Haul | Natural Products

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Hey beautiful people! I decided to do a haul video dedicated only to iHerb.com. Hope you like it! x

Method Foaming Hand Wash 'Pink Grapefruit'
Nubian Heritage African Black Soap
California Gold Nutrition Organic Maca
Zion Health Charcoal Mask
Nelson's Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel

Snapchat: @linkgretr
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On Sunday I was craving ice cream more than usual and then I also saw a picture on Instagram where someone stated that it was a national ice cream day :D What a coincidence! So before we went to Hillsong Church in Times Square we took photos on the 40th street.. with an ice cream ofc! The past Sunday was actually bittersweet because it was my last Sunday here during this trip and by the end of the service I had tears in my eyes. I don't know when I'm coming back..

But on another note, I want to bring out that we've had so much luck with the weather when we've done something together. Every time we've stepped out of the house we've had the perfect weather! Okay, one time it was raining when we walked to the subway station but that was it. We were still smiling because we decided that we're on a mission and nothing can stop us! :D

Btw, the ice cream guy says 'hi' to everyone :D

crop top - Seppälä, skirt - Zara, backpack - thrifted, sandals - Vagabond, sunglasses - RÄHN Eyewear
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My Current Favourites

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Product list

Lush Ocean Salt Face&Body Scrub
Himalaya Herbals toothpaste
Color Wow Root Cover Up
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder 'Natural Beige'
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft&Gentle'
Estee Lauder DoubleWear Stay-in-Place Shadow Cream 'Antique Gold'
Kiko Longlasting Stick Eyeshadow '07'
Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
Girlactik Beauty Matte Lip Paint 'Bashful'
MAC Extended Playlash Mascara 'Endlessly Black'
Real Techniques Contour Brush
e.l.f. Blush Brush
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Everyday soft glam make-up routine

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Hey babes! Hopefully this video is useful in some way :) 

Products are listed in the video!

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On Tuesday we made our way to the beach for the second time during my trip. In my dream world I would chill at the beach a little more often but Joshua doesn't enjoy laying there for hours :D I mean, I understand him ofc.. But since I knew that there was a theme park next to it I wanted to take advantage of it! I made the photos look like postcards as well :D So cute.

Top - H&M, Denim shorts - Levi's, Bikinis - Lindex, Sunglasses - RÄHN Eyewear, Earrings - H&M, Sandals - Vagabond
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