VLOG | Mai 2015

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I seriously cannot fathom what I just did- I BOUGHT TICKETS TO NEW YORK CITY! Oh.my.gosh, can't wait for September :3
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While I was taking some photos of my parent's backyard, my dad talked me into another activity. Soon after I was quite positive that I got some beautiful pictures of our apple and plum trees we drove to Sauga Ringrada. Today there was a rally with a twist. Sometimes the judges who were dressed as Potsataja and Gena (it's a Russian cartoon :D) called out different drivers from the track. Then they had to complete some tasks such as checking the pressure of their car's tires. It was fun but it would've been more interesting if I knew someone who was attending the race. All in all, it was a great day with gorgeous weather. I just love being in Pärnu because I can't get enough of my family and friends. Relaxing is also more efficient here than in Tallinn. Hope you had a great week and talk to you soon! xx
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REVIEW | jane iredale mineral make-up

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Möödunud nädalavahetus oli metsik, kuid samas põnev. Nimelt toimus ilumess sel kevadel esimest korda ning olin koos ghd Eesti-ga kaks päeva kohapeal. (Tervitan neid tüdrukuid, kes minuga koos pilti tegid!) Pühapäeval polnud kahjuks lõbus, sest tundsin, et hakkan pooleks minema. Kõhus oli tohutu valu. Eile ei saanud ka veel korralikult kõndida, kuid täna on juba kõik korras. Olen meeletult tänulik selle üle, et saan valutult liikuda. Täna on hoopis imeilus päikseline ilm ja hommikupoolikul käisin Hello! Ajakirja jaoks ühel andekal maalikunstnikul külas. Tiim oli super mõnus, seega päeva esimene pool ei tundunudki nagu töö. Aga praegu on mul ideaalne hetk maha istuda ning rääkida oma lemmikutest jane iredali baastoodetest. Ma olen neid testinud nüüdseks kaks kuud. Rohkem informatsiooni: www.janeiredale.ee

This weekend was hectic but exciting at the same time. Estonian beauty fair was held in spring for the first time and I was there for two days with ghd Eesti. (Hello to the girls who I took pictures with!) Sunday wasn't fun at all.. I thought I was going to split in half because of the horrible pain in my stomach. But today is a beautiful sunny day and the day started with a photoshoot for Hello! Magazine. We visited one very talented painter who was absolutely gorgeous inside and out. The team was amazing too and it almost didn't feel like working :) Right now I have the perfect time to sit down and talk to you about my favourite base products by jane iredale. I've been testing them out for two months now.
Nagu nimigi ütleb, siis jane iredale Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream on tõeliselt hea katvusega. Konsistents on üsna paks ning minu arvates on seda kõige parem peale kanda sõrmedega. Kuna katvus on suurepärane, siis toodet kulub minimaalselt, sest seda pole palju vaja. BB kreemi saab kasutada nii jumestuskreemina kui ka peitekreemina. Probleemsetele kohtadele saab toodet kanda kontsentreeritumalt. Tulemus on kumav. Nagu pildilt näha, siis BB kreem sisaldab ka päikesekaitsefaktorit (SPF25) ning kaitseb UVA ja UVB kiirguste eest. Kõik jane iredale põhjad on hüpoallergeensed ning ei ummista poore. Need on ka peamised põhjused, miks ma oma silmad selle brändi toodete poole pöörasin. Minu nahk on õhuke, tundlik, kergesti armistuv ja ummistuv ning peamiselt kuiv (tõenäoliselt pindkuiv). Mind paelus see, kui puhtad ja kvaliteetsed on need mineraaltooted. Ka pakendi disain on minu arust väga kena ja luksuslik. Mul ei ole näos veel nähtavaid kortse, seega ma ei oska kahjuks öelda, kas see toode sobib vanemale nahale. Toon esile ka selle, et Jane Iredale tooteid ei testita loomadel.

jane iredale Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream actually has great coverage. Consistency is pretty thick and I've found that the best way to apply it is with your clean fingers. Due to the fact that it has full coverage, a little goes a long way. You can use the BB cream all over the face as a foundation and also on blemishes as a concealer. Then you just have to concentrate more on problematic areas. The finish is luminous. This BB Cream contains SPF25 and protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Also, all Jane Iredale base products are hypoallergenic and don't clog pores. These are the main factors why I took interest in jane iredale products. My skin is thin, sensitive, scars and clogs easily and is mostly dry. I was so hooked on the fact that all jane iredale products are pure and have great quality. In my opinion, the package design is gorgeous and luxurious as well. Talking about wrinkles, I don't have visible ones so I don't know if it suits ageing skin. Also, Jane Iredale products are not tested on animals.
Ma olen proovinud nelja erinevat mineraalpuudrit ning ma ei tea, kas kõik neist on olnud nii puhta koostisega nagu jane iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. Ma ei hakka hetkel koostisosadesse laskuma, huvi korral on teil võimalik googeldada. Seda ma saan öelda, et minu arust on see toode imehea. Amazing Base mineraalpuudril on kerge kuni keskmine katvus ning seda on võimalik kasvatada. Tulemus on õrnalt kumav ning loomulik. Võid seda kasutada näiteks kabuki pintsliga ( mul on MAC 182 pintsel ) või klassikalise puudri/ põsepuna pintsliga. Ma kasutan erinevaid vastavalt tehnikale. Kui mul ei ole punne, mida juhtub kahjuks harva, siis ma töötlen ringikujuliste liigutustega selle mineraalpuudri oma naha sisse. Eesti keeles on nii keeruline buffing tehnikat seletada. Enamikel kordadel ma siiski patsutan puudri naha peale, sest olen eelnevalt peitekreemidega oma probleemsed kohad ära katnud ning ma ei taha oma tööd rikkuda. Ma peaksin tegema demo video, kuidas ma oma tüütuid punne ja sinakaid silmaaluseid peidan, eksole? Kui teil on huvi, siis andke teada :) Igatahes, kui ma Amazing Base mineraalpuudrit kasutan, siis ma ei tunne oma nahal MITTE MIDAGI. Nagu polekski midagi kasutanud. Külma ilma korral spreitan veel kõige viimasena hinnalist(:D) vett näo peale, et muuta kogu tulemus veelgi loomulikumaks. Siinkohal soovitan tegelikult jane iredale vitamiinidega täidetud spreisi. Minu lemmik on punases pudelis olev vedelik, mis peaks olema granaatõunaga. Lõhn on suurepärane! Amazing Base mineraalpuuder sobib ka vanemale nahale ning ma tean seda nii enda ( kasutasin klientide peal ) kui ka meigikunstnike ja tuttavate kogemusest, kelle vanus on vähemalt üle kolmekümne. Ma küll ei soovita meigiga magada, kuid jane iredale tooted on selleks puhuks kõige paremad. Viimasel ajal ma ei ole alati pidanud päeval magama, kuid on olnud palju päevi, kus ma ei ole saanud uinakut vältida. Õnneks saan julgelt väita, et mu näkku ei tulnud seepärast punne juurde!

I've tried four mineral foundations and I don't know if all of them were actually as pure as jane iredale's Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. I'm not going to go technical with the ingredients here, you can do the googling thing yourselves but all I can say is that it's wonderful. It has light to medium coverage and it's buildable. The finish is naturally satin. You can use it with a kabuki brush ( I have MAC 182 ) or a standard powder/ blush brush. I use different ones according to the technique. When I don't have blemishes ( which almost never happens ) then I buff the foundation into my skin but usually I pat the powder on top of my concealer. I should do a demo video how I cover my annoying blemishes and neutralise my blue under-eye area, right? Let me know if you're interested :) Anyway, when I use this powder, I don't feel it AT ALL. It's like I never applied anything on my skin. During the colder days I spray my face with a fancy water to make it look even more natural. I also recommend the vitamin enriched sprays by jane iredale. I adore the one in a red bottle and I think it's because of the scent. It's with pomegranate if I remember correctly. This mineral powder suits ageing skin as well, I've done make-up with it and many make-up artists and friends who are over 30 have told me that they loved it. Eventhough I don't recommend sleeping with make-up, I have had to do it quite a lot during daytime. I can happily claim that jane iredale base products have not caused me any breakouts!
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A post that comes handy to bloggers while they are having busy times is an Instagram update. Here's mine, lol :D But on a more serious note, Instagram is truly my fave app! It's a no fuss platform to share everyday happenings in real time. What I also adore is that it's so easy and quick to communicate with you who follow me there. By the way, have you got into Snapchat? In theory I get it but it's so difficult for me to just start using it. I don't know why :D My Instagram account is @grete_link
1. One day I went thrifting in Pärnu, found a nice-looking old camera and before that a friend surprised me with this super cute hand cream.
2. I like breakfasts like this! Kefir, muesli, a sliced banana, almonds, goji berries & chia seeds.
3. Just the other day I went to my grandma's place with my fam. We celebrated Mother's Day :)
4. MARIMO Fashion presented its SS '15 collection and ghd Eesti was a sponsor once again. I took lots of backstage photos(click!). Btw, I ended up fixing make-up on models too. Sometimes it's not that great to have different skills :D
5. I have to admit, the whole concept behind Kiehl's is super cool and I've found many favourite skin care products from this brand.
6. Just across the road from my future office in Telliskivi Loomelinnak, there is a beautiful home decor shop called Homeart. I would like to buy everything :))

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Charlotte Tilbury's make-up? Yes, please!

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Something that has been part of my life for at least 5 years now is watching Youtube videos. I don't have TV, so my entertainment comes from there. It's awesome because I learn SO MUCH along the way. There are several brands I know a lot about but we don't have most of them in Estonia. Which means that most of my knowledge won't be shared with anyone. Unfortunately, there aren't many people I talk to on a daily basis that are as much into make-up (& skin care) as I am. Anyway, that was off topic. I came here to share a video with you. I don't usually watch videos by beauty brands but when it comes Charlotte Tilbury, the story is different. She is a very lively person and her products are #goals. By that I mean, I would love to try almost all of them. The packaging is gorgeous and the product inside breathes of quality. I'm all about that! Of course, every brand has its ups and downs but I've understood by the videos on Youtube, Charlotte Tilbury's make-up is mostly great. I hope you'll enjoy the video:
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Empty Products | YSL, St. Tropez, Coverderm, Lush, Kiehl's, Bourjois, Palladio, Puhas Loodus, MAC, TEEEZ, Max Factor

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I'm not kidding when I say that this video took almost 10hours to  upload to Youtube, jeez! Anyway, here it is- my empty products and of course, opinions about them. If you have any questions or reviews of your own then pop them in the comment section below :) xx

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Coverderm Maxydrat Serum
Amway Glister Toothpaste
Greenatural roll-on
Lush Mask of Magnaminty
Kiehl's Hydro Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate
Bourjois Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
Puhas Loodus Värskendav Šampoon Greibiga
Max Factor lip pencil
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer NC20
Bourjois Healthy Glow & Flawless Complexion Foundation
YSL Touché Eclat foundation
Palladio Baked Blush in Rosey
TEEEZ Desert Metals Mascara
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